Courses of Study


Intro to Programming

In this 10 session course, students work through the fundamentals of computer programming using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.  We cover core topics such as conditional statements, loops and arrays, functions, objects and web graphics. The pace is personalized to the student's experience and ability. By the end of the course, each student will design, code and publish their own web-based multiplayer game. The goal is to give students broad exposure to programming in a fun and engaging way. 


Games Programming

Mastering the fundamentals of game design, replay-ability, graphics, game mechanics using JavaScript, Woof JS graphics framework and Node.js. Create gamer profiles and store persistent session data using Google Firebase cloud platform. Learn what it takes to create successful games. 

1:1 Tutoring 

During the school year, Code Craft offers the chance for your child to learn programming in a way that can fit easily into her/his busy schedule. Each student builds their own curriculum, choosing projects that reflect their interests and experience.

Every week, they have a 90-minute lesson at home or over Skype.

During the rest of the week, they have a coding assignment to complete and can email, text or call their tutor anytime with questions.

The goal is to keep it fun and flexible, and give the student control over their time.